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Cute Halloween – Saved from the Trash

Good Morning Monday!  I messed up the other day when I was making a card and I was going to throw away the card, but then I thought maybe I could resurrect it into something else…..a simple something else.  So that is what I am sharing with you today. Want to take a guess which… Continue reading Cute Halloween – Saved from the Trash

General Cards, Penguin Place, Seasonal - Winter

Penguin Week – Card #2

You would think that with an entire week that I could make more than 2 cards.  Nope, not this week.  I’m still playing catch-up after being away from home for almost 6 weeks with no craft supplies.  And now that I have an entire room-ful?  And new ones to boot?  I’m so overwhelmed with having… Continue reading Penguin Week – Card #2

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6 x 6 One Sheet Wonder – Pansy Petals

I returned from my vacation on Tuesday....and one of the first things i did was go in my craft rom to figure out what I was going to do for my Facebook Live that was scheduled for later in the evening.  I had 4 hours to think of something...well less if I wanted to actually… Continue reading 6 x 6 One Sheet Wonder – Pansy Petals